An overview

This postgraduate certificate course in medical education has been designed to enlighten participants with the key issues in medical education and to enable them to develop a basic level of educational competence and professionalism in medical education methodolology. The aim of the certificate course is to equip health professionals to practice across the range of domains of teaching and learning models relevant to their students, subjects and situations. After completion of this course the successful participants will be able to show better ability in:

Who should take the course?

How the course will be conducted?

There will be about 24 participants henceforth shall be called fellows. Course period is 6 months. Learning and teaching will be mostly online and self directed. There will be 4 modules and each module having 4 units. Faculties will be tagged to the fellows and they will coordinate learning activities. All the fellows must have an eagerness of active participation in teaching & learning process of the course designed by the competent authority. A list of published materials will be provided to all the fellows and they have to study the appropriate materials as per course demand. On the first  day of an unit study guide will direct you how and what to study. After 3 days an assignment will be send to the fellow and he/she will send the answer online to the tutor. Feedback will be send to the fellow. A second chance will be given to rewrite the answer. Marking will be done by the faculty for each unit.    After completion all 4 units successfully an onsite module completion assessment will be held for half day followed by lectures on next module. All the presentations will be available online. After successful completion all 4 modules a certificate will be issued to the fellow from BIRDEM academy. During the process of learning fellow will be encouraged to communicate with their mentors through email, web site and telephone.

How you will learn?

Fellows will be supplied with books, articles from journals and online links to study the learning objectives. Faculties will be available through email, website and telephone to discuss any issue during self directed learning. A task-based learning approach will also be adopted, with activities suggested throughout the learning materials that encourage participants to link educational theory to their everyday practice as health professions teachers and to reflect on that practice


There will be four themes based on program schedule of the course.

There are 4 units within each theme.

Educational philosophy

Philosophy regarding this course will be to build a good quality teacher who will be compassionate, competent and professionally superior with high stake of ethical –moral human. He will be a guide and role model for the students so that future generation will replace them in terms of better quality and applicability. The trained teacher will engage themselves in research and faculty development program.